The City of Ponca City is conducting a pilot at this time to evaluate Fiber to the Home.  Please check back often for status updates on the Information page.  Watch the Information page using the menu above for status updates.

Would you like more information and details on how fast fiber optic internet is?  Or maybe an update on the current FTTH project?  Our Information page on the menu above has more details.  You can also click on the fiber picture above.

To test your current connection speed use the website .

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Fiber optic cable consists of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting data by light waves. Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines as it is not affected by rain, snow, ice, or lightning,



Operating fiber optic internet to Ponca City Businesses for over 15 years, the City of Ponca City has over 370 miles of Fiber Optic cable installed. With more municiapl owned fiber optic cable than 99% of the communities in Oklahoma and the experience to ensure it performs at a superior level, the City of Ponca City is ready to provide high speed internet in to homes as well as businesses that are not already Ponca City customers.