FTTP Pilot Update

The City of Ponca City is conducting a pilot to evaluate the hardware required for deliver of fiber optic network to the premise that could be used for super high speed Internet services. A recent Ponca City survey indicates that residents want this service.

Fiber to the Premise(FTTP)  is new, modern way to bring super high speed Internet to homes and businesses. It does not have the traditional problems that cable TV, satellite, or phone lines do with weather or interference. FTTP also allows a more reliable and faster internet connection. Once inside your home or business you have the option to connect to it using a traditional wired device or using a wireless devices such as laptops, pads, phones, etc.  You may have heard this called Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in some locations. Cities like Kansas City, Missouri; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Chattanooga, Tennessee are some of the first to offer super high speed and Ponca City is evaluating if there is a need for our community and need your input to make it happen.

For a comparison of what a Fiber to the Premise network can provide you please look at this chart comparing the download
of a High Definition movie that is 3 Gigabytes in size and also some typical uses for that level of service. Devices connected
can include desktop computers, laptops, pads, phones, cameras, Apple TV, Rokus, gaming systems, etc.

Information on Fiber Optic Super High Speed Internet



The FTTP pilot is in the last stages of being installed. Testing on the pilot will go for 30-120 days once installation is finalized to ensure all areas are tested and enough data is collected to ensure optimum performance.  At the end of the pilot all data will be analyzed and a business path forward will be determined.  To ensure you are notified if and when sign-ups are started please go to the Sign Up page on the menu above and send in your information.